Chatroulette users caught with their pants down

posted Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 12:34 am by


EVERYBODY is talking about the new live voice and video cam site where you are randomly connected to strangers and introduced to their stranger behaviour.

But what you may not have heard of yet is the first chatroulette spin off I’ve seen:, the site that matches users of chatroulette to a map with a screen cap of them in action.

Chatroulettemap takes advantage of the peer to peer technology used by the site (which helps reduce latency and feedback during sessions), capturing their IP address, matching this to a library of IP geo-locations, then posting the location together with their photo to a Google map. You can zoom right in on individual users, the vast majority salo youths (I had to look quite hard for any female users), with most people being easily identifiable to anyone who knew them.

Chatroulettemap promises “if you wish to have an image removed please attach an image matching your identity with the cam shot in question”, although from some of the shots you can find, a letter from their gynecologist might be more appropriate.

This is a great little mashup and I’m waiting to see what similar apps might come next.

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